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Phentermine is the legal half of the diet sensation drug of the 90’s, Fen-Phen. As people have discovered that phentermine offers many of the weight loss and energy benefits of their beloved diet cocktail of the 90’s without the disastrous side-effects that the combination of the two pills produced, phentermine has enjoyed a resurge in popularity. Phentermine has a dual purpose: it functions primarily as an appetite suppressant, sending signals to the brain that the patient is full, and also releases epinephrine or adrenaline to fat cells in order to break down stored fat.

It is an appetite suppressant intended for short-term use. While its side effects are minimal, it has properties of amphetamines; insomnia is the most commonly reported side effect of the drug, making it necessary to administer immediately in the morning, giving it the time to wear off before bedtime. It is advised that you do not mix it with alcohol or other drugs, since the interaction is capable of producing negative side effects; like any stimulant, it raises your heart rate, so mixing it with alcohol or another depressant will cause your heart to fluctuate rapidly from high activity to low activity (same principle behind the history of Jagerbomb shots causing heart attacks by mixing alcohol with taurine found in energy drinks).

Phentermine works by releasing chemicals into the brain to control appetite, signaling that the patient is full and inhibiting hunger. While this is a largely effective tool, it is important to remember to eat several small meals throughout the day, since it is possible to actually “forget” to eat, causing health side effects and being counterproductive by lowering metabolism.

While patients experience weight loss through the sole change in lifestyle of taking phentermine, it is strongly recommended that diet and exercise be modified to increase the effects and cause them to become lasting effects. If patients can get into healthy eating habits while their appetite is suppressed and a workout regimine while their energy is increased, they are capable of continuing the lifestyle changes after their short cycle of 12 weeks is over, keeping the weight off. Patients who did not attempt to make changes to their lifestyle while taking phentermine often regained part of the weight they had lost at the end of their cycle, having only had the temporary effects of a starvation diet.

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